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Karbon Tasarım is a company; working in engineering and design domains, which develops products from composite materials, since 2012. However our first studies and establishment stands back to 2004. Product design, prototyping, production, training and consultancy are our main experience fields. It is targeted to reflect the advantages of carbonfiber material to our  products, where this material is becoming popular and spreading widely in aerospace, defense, automotive and sports industries; with its high strength, ultra lightweight and fascinating appearance. Our company consists of engineers and instrument luthiers, who are highly experienced in design, production and materials. And with the guidance of this experience, we are serving our customers by continiously designing new products. We are using high-tech and cost effective techniques in our production and this results in reasonable products to our customers. In paralel; we are aiming to bring new standards to musical instruments by giving them a longer and maintenance-free life; reducing the material and tropical tree consumption. Thus, keep the planet cleaner and greener, as possible as we can.

"Karbon Tasarım” trademark became a competitive name in international and national markets with its products, which our specialist team raised with their professional experiences. While using high-tech engineering and materials with the guidiance of the traditions, our intention is to continue adding new and original designs to our product range.

We are thankful to your high interest.

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