Carbon fiber; is a new generation material that becomes popular and spreading widely in aerospace, defense, automotive and sports industries, due to its unique properties such as;  high strength, ultra lightweight and fascinating appearance. When compared; it is much more stronger than a same sized steel bar and much more lighter in mass. Besides these properties; it is not thermally effected from heat due to its very very low thermal expansion coefficient which is near to zero. It can resist to high temperatures and do not absorb humidity. With these competitive specifications; it is preferred by many industries, where developing strong and lightweight products is the priority. Additional to strength and lightweight, the visual attraction of this material becomes the reason to be preferred, in designing luxury and fascinating products.

As Karbon Tasarım; we are also preferring carbon fiber for these unique properties, to develop and manufacture end user products. 



Our design and production team is experienced on making bowed instruments for years and improved this experience in world’s leading instrument making centers such as Cremona, Markneukirchen and Mittenwald. Detailed studies were performed for improving and bringing difference to these instruments. With the engineering experience, it is noticed that it will be beneficial to use carbonfiber material and related production processes for improving the properties of these traditional instruments. After few years of design, research, prototyping and production process, final products have been completed and became perfect for the users. Regarding musical instruments, carbonfiber has many advantages. But carbonfiber itself has differences within its production methods. Old techniques of carbonfiber such as infusion or hand lay-up, can not give the best and top properties to the final instruments. Therefore, in order to have the highest strength, lightest weight, most powerful tones, highest durability against heat and humidity; customers must prefer the manufacturers that are using high-tech materials (prepregs), high temperatures and high pressure while production. Karbon Tasarım have all of these advanced processes that results in the most advanced products.

Advantages of carbonfiber instruments are as follows:

· They are much more lighter in weight than wooden instruments. Our carbonfiber instrument are about half weight of that wooden instrument. This gives comfort to the  player while playing long periods, as well as during transportation..  Due to our high-tech carbon fiber processes and materials, they can be ultra light weight , durable and resonate much more than classical instruments which results in higher and powerfull tones.

· It is not effected from environmental conditions, such as heat and humidity. Thermal changes generally causes tonal and tuning problems on wooden instrument. With respect to the material characteristics of carbonfiber, the tuning neccessity of the instrument is reduced to minimum. Additioally, the carbonfiber material does not absorb humidity. This becomes essential and results in no change on the instrument’s tonal quality and having stability on the notes, while the humidity has an negative effect on wooden instruments. As our instruments are made from high-tech prepreg carbonfiber material, under pressure and at about 150 °C temperatures, they can resist temperatures up tu 100-110 °C or very cold environments, with no problem.

· Having repeatable standard tonal properties. Wooden instruments shows difference on tonal properties in each other due to the wood that they have been produced. Against this, it is almost possible to repeat the tonal quality and make the same instrument, in carbonfiber material.

· Having more precise, brighter and powerful sound. Due to the sound transmitting characteristics of the material, the carbonfiber instruments give faster response than wooden instruments. And this, provides the note positions to be more precise, the sound brighter and more powerful. Instrument becomes easier to play and supporting the player. Besides, the softness and the emotion of the wooden instruments are still preserved.

· Having high strength. With the properties and structural characteristics of carbonfiber, it is stronger even it is thinner. It is much more tolerant against damage than wooden instrument. Additionally, monoblock structure which the neck and the body is integrated, avoids neck deflection or disassembly problems.

· Visually fascinating. Beside the mechanical and physical advantages of carbonfiber materials, they are also preferred for their attractive visual looking. They are used in many vehicle or areas for giving luxury, such as automobiles, yachts, planes. This appearance brings attraction and difference, also to the instruments.

· Design Without Cornices.  Cornices (corners) of a violin or a cello, on both classical wooden or carbonfiber instruments, are sound absorbing areas which were used to increase the glueing surface for the ribs to top and back plates. Hence our carbonfiber instruments are produced as mostly integrated one piece body, there is no need for such vibration absorbing corners anymore which also results in  the tone and power increase of the instruments.

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