Engineering & Consultancy

Our company provides engineering solutions, consultancy, prototyping and manufacturing service for our customers on carbonfiber design and production projects. If you have any idea or a project on a product related with sports, medical, musical, accessories, marine, etc;  we are ready for any cooperation to bring it to life. If you think it will gain value with its new specifications when realised in carbonfiber composites, it worths. These technical specifications are; ultra lighter weight, extra durability, heat&humidty resistance, acoustic improvement, heat insulation, less thermal expansion, X-Ray insulation, ballistic durability, and many others. 

Our capabilities are; resin infusion, rtm, (OoA) out of autoclave oven curing, compression molding, bladder molding with using high temperature and pressure prepregs. Re-usable silicone vacuum bags and closed section latex bladders are some of our optimisation methods. We are offering consultancy on these composite production tehcniques for your projects, from start to end. Design, molding, material selection, prototyping, optimised process and equipment selection, cost and labor effective methods are some of them.

Also companies and/or musicshops can be our dealer for our musical instruments worldwide.

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