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Ultra Light Weight = Only 1890 gr. !!!

Our instruments are handcrafted from carbonfiber material by our experienced team, in our facility. All our instruments are tested before the delivery and identified with a serial number after their compliances are quaranteed. They are 4/4 dimensioned and can be used with standard accessories such as pegs, tailpieces, etc. Additionally, the parts such as bridge and soundpost; can be changed, adjusted or renewed by all the users or instrument luthiers. The instruments are delivered with excellent sound quality, after final tuning by our professional luthiers. Customers or their preferred luthires, can still change the sound properties, depending on the requirements and their wishes. It is possible to bring new tones such as; soft, medium or bright. This is possible for them, by adjusting or changing the bridge, the soundpost or by using strings which gives different tones. Also, instruments’ sound gets better, as the new parts and especially the strings comform in the time.  Due to the perfect engineered construction and the high-tech material used, instruments give powerful sound performance against their lightweight.. They are smooth to play and very responsive to the player. Note positions are net and flawless.

Electro version “2 in 1” optional ones are; professional pickup entegrated, advanced level carbonfiber instruments. Besides, having all the perfections of carbonfiber instruments, they also have the amplified and electro properties by direct plug-in to the sound systems. Piezzo-ceramic pickup enables both acoustic and electronic performance within a single instrument. 1/4 jack connection is included. 

Customers are required to contact us prior to purchase; for the “Special Color” and “Special Design” options for availabiity and finalisation of the details.

Our products are made from high-tech aerospace prepreg carbonfiber under high temperature and pressure, to ensure the highest fiber/resin ratio; to achieve the best technical properties such as; lightest weight with the highest durability and vibration.

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