Carbonfiber Electro Cello

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  • *Bow


Standard  4/4 Size
Total Length  82 cm
Chest-rest and Knee-rests are Removable and Length Adjustable
Comes with and Fits in a 85 cm Soft Bag
Easy to Carry or Transport
Fits In Airplane Overhead Cabin
Fitted with Guitar Gear Pegs
4 and 5 String Versions
Passive Piezzo Ceramic Pickup
Total Weight Less Than 1 kg
Ultra Durable Monoblock Carbonfiber Body
Heat & Humidity Resistant
•Adjustable Bridge Height
•Adjustable Peek Angle
•Solid Carbon Bridge
And More

Our products are made from high-tech aerospace prepreg carbonfiber under high temperature and pressure, to ensure the highest fiber/resin ratio; to achieve the best technical properties such as; lightest weight with the highest durability and vibration. It has a little acoustic sound that can be used as a silent cello. The main plugged sound depends on the user’s preferences;  according to the system attached, such as; preamps, amplifiers, etc. (Bow is not included)

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